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Half can be seen as a positive or a negative; Half full or half empty, depending on your outlook.


In Japan, someone of mixed origin is said to be Half. We've always felt that the bringing together of two cultures, allowing each to influence the other, means enjoying the best of both. Half, is double.

Creatively, Half is a concept of balance, between photographic and design projects, each discipline shaping the other.


Half Photography observes life with a street photographer's eye to create photo-series' focused on key aspects of life and routines found in Japanese culture; supporting brands, businesses or individuals to express themselves in unique and beautiful ways.

Half Creative Director Joe Keating Portrait

Half Creative Studio builds on over twenty years' experience working strategically with brands creating interiors and environments, telling heritage, technology or product stories through design to expand on a brand's culture and delight or excite its followers. The Creative Studio now looks to apply this outsider's design perspective to the traditional machiya of Kyoto.

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