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Half Photography Zine #3 Beneath Crashing Waves from Kyoto

Beneath Crashing Waves


Geometrically minimal gardens, with considered views across meticulously-static raked gravel present a flavour of calm consistent across so many of the famous Zen gardens in Kyoto. Each garden has its own distinctive characteristics, but there's a rigid formula that can cause many to feel alike.


Zuihoin however, a noteworthy sub-temple within Daitokuji, feels very different. Achieving meditative calm as a viewer, sitting alongside such energy rising from the temple's dynamic garden, can be almost challenging. Furthermore surprising, subliminal messages of Christianity and even a buried Madonna statue, are said to lie under deep under the surface; Beneath Crashing Waves.

  • Product Info

    This self-published photo zine (#3) presents an extended photography series, a focused look at one location or aspect of life here in Kyoto.


    Published in February 2024, and printed in Japan by Shokodo Kyoto, a family-run printer based in Kyoto for over 60 years.


    58 page photo zine on Monte Lukia (90.5kg) paper, perfect-bound with a G.F SMITH Colourplan (135) soft cover (210 x 275mm).

  • Shipping Information

    All books carefully hand packed, mailed in protective envelope and posted within 2-3 days through standard Japan Post airmail. 

    Due to the short-batch print run if for any reason books go missing, unfortunately I cannot replace or refund the item.

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