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Updated: Jan 27

It's completely black outside now and I was sat in this exact same chair as the sun came up this morning. I suppose I tend to work long hours but that's because for the most part, I deeply love the things I do.

Personal photography projects fit in or around design work for clients, and that's why these special projects come together very slowly and very deliberately.

A few weekends ago I went to the local printer to see the covers being printed, then two days ago I finally picked up a small box of my first Kyoto photo-book, Neither There Nor Anywhere. It's lovely to be holding it in my hands and although I'm not really the kind of person to get overly-excited about things, I guess I'm quietly excited. : )

I'm still finalising things like the web-store page and how I will actually send these out (should anyone actually purchase one) etc but these are almost ready to be sold and to be truthful, it's actually terrifying (!) to put something so personal out to be looked at by others.

Neither There Nor Anywhere is a collection of photographs of the most photographed location in Kyoto. Why would anyone do this?? I know.. Well the thing is, since the tourists suddenly evaporated two years ago, this amazing shrine has rediscovered its magic. And I can't wait to share it with you.

Printed at ShokodoKyoto

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