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Neither There Nor Anywhere

Vermillion-coloured torii gates help define an invisible perimeter around sacred space and when you pass through, you effectively step from one world into another. With so many thousands of gates so tightly packed at Fushimi Inari Taisha, you walk for hours in that undefined space between worlds. Neither There Nor Anywhere.

It has taken a few years to gather the photographs used in this extended series and a long time to create the book, but that slow pace has been entirely deliberate.

I printed initial drafts almost a year ago but disliked my cover design and after months more deliberation, called on London-based graphic designer and friend, Steven Ubsdell of Checkland Kindleysides for support. Steven has designed the cover and built a graphic identity of sorts that should allow me to develop a set of books (slowly) with some consistencies, whilst allowing each book its own individual character.

I do have a second book complete, titled Platformality, to follow and there will be more at some point eventually, each created around a specific location or focused subject from life here in Kyoto.

A limited number of Neither There Not Anywhere will go to print next week and happily I have already had interest from the printer to display these in the self-published section of their own bookshop, which caught me a little by surprise.

At some point I'll be selling a few copies directly, but to be honest I haven't thought about the details of all that yet. Selling these hasn't been a serious consideration until more recently. We will get through the proof process and take things from there.. : )


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